Custom Orthotics

What are orthotics?

From the way they form to the way they move and carry weight, every foot is unique in structure and function. But sometimes the unique traits of our feet and relating structures can cause us to experience pain, discomfort, or impaired mobility. Orthotics are prescription store-bought or custom-made podiatric devices that can help treat conditions and deformities of the foot and relating structures. There are various types of orthotic devices, some of which may include custom shoes, ankle braces, splints, heel inserts, and insoles.

Why are orthotics used?

Orthotics are used in the treatment and prevention of various foot and ankle-related conditions and deformities, including flat feet, bunions, hammertoes, Morton’s neuroma, and plantar fasciitis. Orthotics may also be used for diabetic foot care. In general, orthotics can help:

  • Provide foot and ankle support
  • Provide foot and ankle alignment
  • Provide added heel support
  • Reduce or evenly distribute pressure placed on the foot
  • Enhance the mechanisms and functionality of the foot

How do orthotics work?

Orthotics are designed to work based on various podiatric needs, with each orthotic device having its own unique, and sometimes personalized, features and purpose. In general, orthotics work by providing foot and ankle support where needed. Because orthotics are designed to target different podiatric needs and conditions, choosing the wrong device can cause added podiatric concerns.

In order to help choose an orthotic device that would work best with the structure and needs of your feet, a doctor will need to examine the physical structure of your feet, as well as the mechanism of your foot and how it moves as you walk or engage in other activities. Once your doctor has determined that an orthotic device is right for you, they will recommend a custom-made or personalized orthotic solution.

The following orthotics can work to treat some of the following conditions in the following ways:

  • Soft orthotic cushions to help evenly distribute pressure in feet with rigid high arches
  • Wide-toe shoes to help provide added foot room for hammertoes¬†or other deformities
  • Toe separators to help alleviate corns or calluses that are located between or on the toes

What are the benefits of orthotics?

If you are suffering from a foot-related condition or deformity that is causing foot pain or discomfort, orthotic devices can help provide various benefits including:

  • Pain relief and comfort
  • Foot and ankle support
  • Improved gait and range of motion
  • Cosmetic improvements

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