Can Flat Feet be Fixed?

It is good to have our feet firmly planted on the ground, or so they say. When speaking metaphorically, being grounded has its merits. However, if you are a person whose feet are quite literally pressed to the ground, you may not be thrilled about it. Flatfootedness is a relatively common condition. Some people have it from childhood due to their arches never fully developing. Some people’s arches collapse sometime during their life. In either situation, there is fortunately little to worry about. Most people with flat feet experience only occasional discomfort. For those whose flat feet become symptomatic, though, a solution must be found. 

At Northeastern Foot & Ankle, we understand how having flat feet can affect people’s lives. More importantly, we know how to address this situation. A brief meeting with Dr. Khoury can have you well on your way to improved comfort. 

What Does it Mean to Have Flat Feet?

Having flat feet means that the entire bottoms of your feet rest on the ground. There is no arch support. The arches usually develop during early childhood when an infant and toddler are just learning to walk. The purpose of having arches is to support the body as we move about our days.

Arches may collapse for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Lack of full development in childhood
  • Age
  • Injury to the foot
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Problems with the posterior tibial tendon, which holds your arches up

When the arches collapse, or if they never fully formed, a few symptoms may occur. Often, these are mild and temporary. If they occur frequently or are chronic, treatment should be sought. People with flat feet may be prone to:

  • Swelling
  • Pain in the arch area at the middle of the foot
  • Ankle, knee, or hip pain

When the feet are flat against the ground, the ankles pronate, or roll inward. The effect of this travels up the let to the knee and hip, which is why pain may occur in these joints. 

Treatment for Flat Feet

If your feet are chronically irritated and in pain, and you can tell that your arches are flat, schedule a consultation with us. Dr. Khoury conducts a comprehensive consultation and examination with each patient to determine the severity of their condition and best treatment option. In the case of flat feet, symptoms often improve significantly with custom orthotics and targeted exercise to strengthen the feet. 

Flat feet don’t have to slow you down. Contact our office in Passaic, NJ at (973) 473-6665 to schedule your visit.