Ankle Pain? Here’s What Causes This Problem!

It isn’t unheard of for a person to injure their ankle while performing some mundane task. Ankle injuries don’t only happen to athletes; and, while the ankle joint is small, an injury can result in quite a bit of pain. Fortunately, most ankle injuries can improve with rest and other self-care strategies. Here, we discuss what could cause this pain and what you might do about it. 

  • Sprain. An ankle sprain can happen when the ligaments around the joint stretch or tear. Ligaments are connective tissue bands that tether bones together. Overextension or twisting the ankle could result in a sprain. 
  • Tendonitis. The tendons in the body tether bones to muscles. These bands of tissue can become inflamed and irritated in instances of overuse. So, a person who walks or jogs every day might develop a case of tendonitis in the ankle. 
  • Bursitis. The joints in the body, including the ankles, have what are called bursae. These are fluid-filled sacs that act as cushions for the joints. These sacs may also become inflamed and irritated due to repetitive movements. 
  • Fracture. A fracture is a break in a bone that can be mild to severe. Any kind of break, even a hairline fracture, can cause pain as well as swelling. 
  • Arthritis. This condition usually does not occur before mid life, though it can. Arthritis is a condition in which the cartilage within a joint deteriorates over time. This results in bones rubbing together. 

Treating Ankle Pain

If you or someone you love is experiencing ankle pain, it is beneficial to schedule a visit with us. A thorough examination of the joint can identify the type of injury that has occurred and its severity. An accurate diagnosis helps your doctor make the best recommendations for optimal recovery. Usually, this includes taking pressure off of the ankle as much as possible. In some cases, patients need to wear an ankle brace. Rarely, surgery is needed to repair a severe injury. 

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