What Can I Do for Heel Pain?

Persistent heel pain is a frustrating problem that can go on for far longer than it must. To be up front, people with pain in the heel area of the foot don’t often find the relief they seek from home remedies alone. The reason that this type of pain can be difficult is that there are several potential conditions that could be underlying what is obvious. Until we know exactly what the root cause of pain is, all that can be done is more or less a bandaid that may temporarily improve comfort. If you have tried various home remedies for heel pain only to continue meeting a dead-end, don’t worry. Heal pain is treatable; we just need to find the right treatment for your situation. 

The very best way to get real and lasting relief from heel pain is to see a specialist. The team at Northeastern Foot and Ankle has the vast experience that our patients can rely on to get the answers they seek. The primary answer, of course, being how to get rid of pain for good. In addition to making an appointment with us, you might try these remedies to get you more comfortable in the meantime. 

Stretching for Heel Pain

Stretching can sometimes help relieve heel pain by loosening tight, strained muscles. Stretching is not something to take lightly. If any stretch causes more pain, discontinue immediately. Some common ways to stretch the lower leg and heel area include:

  • Wall stretch. This stretch is performed standing facing a wall, with both hands placed flat against it. One foot is placed in front of the other, with both heels flat against the floor. In this position, bend the knees, lowering the body toward the floor until a stretch is felt in the lower leg. Repeat on each side.
  • Heel raises. This stretch of the calf muscles and ankles is done standing on a step. It is best to hold on to a railing or wall for support. With weight balanced on the toes and mid foot, only the heels are hanging off. From this position, raise up onto the toes and return to the starting form.
  • Loop stretch. This is a stretch that some people use to manage pain from plantar fasciitis. To do it, sit on a floor or bed and place a wide band, belt, or other item around the ball of one foot, an end of the item in each hand. This creates a loop between the foot and the hands. Keep the knees straight. From this position, gently pull the ball of the foot toward the body while flexing the muscle on the front of the leg.  Do not pull to the point of pain. 

All stretches can be held for 10 to 15 seconds and repeated 3 times. 

If you have heel pain, it is essential to have good arch support at all times. Some people get this from custom orthotics and attain a good sense of relief. Podiatrists consider all potential therapies when addressing this concern. If you’re tired of going it alone, let us help. Contact our office in Passaic, NJ at (973) 473-6665 to schedule your consultation.