Does My Child Need Custom Orthotics?

If your child complains of foot pain when walking or running, falls down more than a typical child when running or playing, or stumbles when walking, it may be a condition that can be easily corrected with custom orthotics. Children should not experience foot pain for no reason, but a child with flat feet do not have the proper support to run, jump, stand, or play for long periods without aggravation.

Won’t My Child Grow Out of Having Flat Feet?

Correcting flat feet in children is essential, but it will not correct itself. Children don’t “grow out of” having flat feet. If your child’s feet are flat after they lose their baby fat, you should bring them to Northeastern Foot & Ankle for an evaluation with board-certified podiatrist Dr. Khoury.

What Happens When Flatfoot Is Not Corrected?

Flatfeet in children, if left uncorrected, can lead to additional problems. Besides pain and fatigue, flatfeet can cause problems with alignment; difficulty with activities including walking, running, and standing; and may even lead to arthritis.

How Is Flatfoot Treated in Children?

In addition to custom orthotics, there are several exercises that can be done to help develop and strengthen the arch. Proper-fitting shoes are also important.

Does My Child Need Surgery to Repair Flat Feet?

In most cases, surgery is not required, but if your child has ongoing, unresolved pain due to flat feet, or if their flat feet are not corrected by other interventions and they begin to experience additional symptoms, such as back pain, surgery may be recommended.

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