Bunions are a very common problem we see in our office. They are a structural problem with the bone of the foot, but more commonly where people see, and refer to as the, “bump” on the side of the big toe that becomes very inflamed, very swollen, and very painful when wearing shoes. Bunions do have a hereditary component, meaning they are passed on in the family, but more so, they are brought about by being aggravated through wearing improper shoes throughout your life. The female patients in particular that like to wear high heels with the narrow pointed shoes and that aggravates and brings about the bunion. It’s very important to treat it early in order to prevent it from getting worse. We treat it conservatively with custom orthotics to help control the foot and suggest that our patients wear different shoes that are a little wider in the front in order to not press upon the bunion and cause pain. However, there are instances where the patient waits too long and the bunion becomes so painful that we have to surgically correct it to realign the bone and remove the bump on the side of the big toe to get rid of the irritation and pain that they experience.